Volunteer Assignments

Volunteer assignments were sent out to team managers on 6/25.  If you haven't received the schedule, please contact your team manager.



  1. All volunteers need to check in at Martha Brown Middle School unless you are contacted ahead of time by the Tournament Committee Member who’s in charge of the area where you are scheduled to work. (There will be a White Headquarters tent next to the school across from the Tennis Courts.)


  1. Please check in at least ½ hour before your shift begins. This is crucial for Field Marshals as you will most likely be traveling to an alternate location.  Individuals that are volunteering for the Barbeque report to Center Park West and check in with Meg Wideman there.


  1. If a conflict arises you must find a replacement. Ask your team or anyone else in the club to switch shifts with you.


Thank you everyone for participating and pray for lots of sunshine for an awesome tournament.


Kim Wolf