From: Fairport Soccer Club Board of Directors

You, as players, are the most important representatives of Fairport Soccer Club. Simply put, you ARE Fairport Soccer Club. Be proud and enjoy this fun, soccer-filled season by always remembering these things:

1. Remember soccer is a team sport – be there for your teammates and trust that they will be there for you.

2. Maintain great sportsmanship at all times – regardless of the score, what an opponent says or does to you, or even if the referee’s calls don’t seem to be going your way.

3. Let your feet and soccer skills do the talking on the field; talk positively to your teammates only. Leave trash talk in the CAN!

4. Understand that you are responsible and will be held accountable for your actions on the field.

5. Play it clean with all the skill, ability and energy you have.

6. Enjoy the moment and HAVE FUN!