Fairport Soccer Club Tournament and Festival

July 22 - 24th 2022

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Age Groups AcceptedType(s) of Team AcceptedGenderRoster Size# of Guest Players AllowedLength of GamesBall SizeAwardsMin # of GamesEntry FeeBond
U09EFGF M143504Yes3$4500
U10EFGF M143504Yes3$4500
U11EFGF M1836041st & 2nd3$5500
U12EFGF M1836041st & 2nd3$5500
U13EFGF M1836051st3$6000
U14EFGF M1836051st3$6000
U15EFGF M1836051st3$6000
U16EFGF M1836051st3$6500
U17EFGF M1836051st3$6500
U18EFGF M1836051st3$6500
U19EFGF M1836051st3$6500