2019 Tournament Rules

No Pets Allowed Sign

Tournament Game Rules

Eligibility / Registration

  1. Team must be affiliated with a league. Acceptable leagues are recreational, recreational-plus, recreational all-stars, classic and travel. Premier, select, travel all-star, and ODP are not acceptable * unless otherwise approved by the tournament director.
  2. Each team is allowed a maximum of three (3) guest players towards the total number of players as described in sections 4 and 5 below.
  3. A player may be registered for only one team during the tournament.
  4. Number of players per age group:
Age Group Game Size Max Roster Field Size
U9-U10 7 v 7 14 Smaller
U11 9 v 9 18 Reduced
U12 9 v 9 18 Reduced
U13-U19 11 v 11 18 (see sec. 5 below) Normal


5.  NYSWYSA allows teams U13 and older to have 22 players on their roster, however only 18 out of 22 players may be used for matches. Teams that have more than 18 players on their certified roster may bring all their regular players, however only 18 players may be used in any tournament game. Guest players may NOT be used by teams with an expanded roster unless the total number of players including guests is 18 or fewer. It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure only 18 players are in game jerseys / game attire at each game.

6.  Registration at the tournament headquarters site for all teams must occur not less than 1 hour before a team’s first game. Teams must present certified roster, certified player passes, Tournament Player Information and Medical Release form, permission to travel (as required by NYSWYSA and/or US Soccer), and any other documentation specified in the official acceptance letter.


Length of Games

  1. Preliminary and Championship games:
    a.  50 minutes (25 minute halves) in length with 5 minutes between halves for U9-U10
    b. 60 minutes (30 minute halves) in length with 5 minutes between halves for U11-U19
  2. Clock Stoppage:
    Due to the intensity of the schedule, the referee will not stop the clock during the match for any reason without approval of the Tournament Director(s) or their designee. It is the responsibility of the referee to have the field marshal check with the Tournament Director(s) for permission. Games halted by injury will not lose any more time than the half already in progress.
  3. Tied Games at end of regulation time:
    a.  Preliminary games - no overtime, remains a tie.
    b.  Championship Games: 10 minutes of overtime (5-minute halves) will be played. Teams will exchange ends of the field after the first period and will be allowed a one (1) minute water break. If a tie still exists at the conclusion of overtime, teams will participate in a penalty kick shoot-out.
  4. Penalty Kick Shoot-out:
    a.  Teams will begin the shoot-out with the kickers shooting at the same goal, selected by the referee, and alternating kickers. Only players on the field at the conclusion of the 2nd overtime half will be allowed to take penalty kicks. The best of five (5) kicks will determine the winner of the game.
    b.  If a tie still exists after the first best of five penalty kicks, the shoot-out will proceed in a one and one fashion until a winner is determined.



  1. Minimum Players:
    a.  Seven players constitutes a legal team for U13-U19
    b.  Six players constitutes a legal team for U11 and U12
    c.  Five players constitutes a legal team for U9-U10
  2. Game Start Time:
    Any team that cannot field the minimum number of players at the scheduled start time for a game will forfeit that game. The opposing team will be awarded a 3-0 victory.
  3. All forfeits are the decision of the Head of Officials and his/her decision is final



    Total points will determine championship play positioning. Points are awarded on a per game basis:
Points Cause
3 Win
1 Tie
0 Loss
-1 Red Card (For each occurrence)
Forfeit:  Score will be posted as 3-0, winning team earning total 3 points


Scores for U9 and U10 will not be posted.


Game scores are official when submitted to the Field Marshall, unless the game is under official protest as noted by the game official, Field Marshall or Head of Officials. When teams (in 4 and 6 team division), have completed 3 games the 2 top teams determined by the total points earned, will face each other in the Championship Game. In a 5-team division, total points earned will determine champions. If 2 teams are tied, the following tiebreaker system will be utilized:


  1. Head-to-head results (If 3 teams are tied begin with #2)
  2. Most Wins
  3. Goals differential, (goals for, minus goals against with a maximum of 3 per game)
  4. Fewest goals allowed
  5. Goals scored (maximum 3 per game)
  6. FIFA penalty kicks


If the Championship Game ends in a tie, the game will be decided by FIFA penalty kicks.



Team Responsibilities

  1. The team named first on the schedule designates the home team.
  2. The home team will select which side of the field they will occupy, and the visiting team must then occupy the opposite side of the field.
  3. Teams and their respective spectators must remain on opposite sides of the field at all times. Spectators are not allowed in the player areas or behind goals. Coaches will be held accountable for any infraction of this rule.
  4. All personnel must remain between the 18-yard lines. No coaching is allowed outside the 18-yard lines.
  5. The home team shall provide the game ball.
  6. In case of uniform color conflict, the home team will be responsible for changing to a different color.


Weather Conditions

  1. All players and coaches must be ready to play at the scheduled time and location regardless of weather conditions.
  2. Cancellation or postponement of a game will be decided by the referee, the Head of Officials, or the Tournament Executive Committee.
  3. The referee or Head of Officials or the Tournament Executive Director, and/or the Tournament Executive Committee has the authority to change the game location, delay the start time, or reduce the length of the game up to 50% if the weather or daylight conditions deem it necessary.
  4. If a game in progress is terminated due to weather conditions or lack of daylight, then said game shall be considered official if a minimum of one-half the game has been played. If one-half has not been completed, the Tournament Executive Director, and/or the Tournament Executive Committee will determine when and if the game will be played.


Player, Coach & Spectator Conduct

  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches, players, and their spectators, directed towards anyone, prior, during or after a match, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Offenders will be requested to leave the tournament site. Additional disciplinary action (up to and including expulsion from the tournament) may be imposed on the team, player, coach or team follower by and at the discretion of the Tournament Executive Committee.
  2. Coaches and/or players receiving a red card will not be allowed to participate in the next tournament game. If the player or coach does not serve out the resulting one game suspension at the tournament, the player’s pass will be forwarded to the New York State West Youth Soccer Association or clubs Association so that the suspension will be served at their next game.
  3. All red card infractions shall be reported to the New York State West Youth Soccer Association or other appropriate governing body.
  4. Passes of red-carded players shall be retained by the referee and turned in to the Head of Officials.
  5. The Tournament Executive Committee will review all red cards, which could result in the team, player or coach being expelled from the Tournament and or future tournaments. Any severe or gross misconduct will be reported to the State Association for review. In addition, there will be a reduction in points as specified in the Scoring section above.


Protests / Disputes

  1. Protests by any team (Coach only) may only be made concerning the 17 laws of soccer and must be submitted in writing to the Head of Officials within 15 minutes of completion of the protested match (citing the specific law that is the basis of the protest).
  3. All protests must be accompanied by $50.00 protest fee (cash only), which will be returned only if the protest is upheld.
  4. All protests will be determined by the Head of Officials and/or the Tournament Executive Committee.


FIFA Laws, as modified, are in effect

  1. FIFA rules of play will apply unless modified by the Tournament Executive Committee. The Tournament Executive Committee reserves the right to modify the Tournament format and the Tournament rules as necessary for the fair and orderly conduct of the Tournament, specifically including but without limitation the following:
    a.  Relocate or reschedule a match.
    b.  Reduce the length of a match.
    c.  Cancel preliminary matches that have no impact on determination of championship participants.
  2. Unlimited substitution is allowed with the consent of the referee:
    a.  Before your throw-in
    b.  After a goal.
    c.  Before a goal kick.
    d.  At half time
    e.  After an injury (when the referee has stopped play), only the injured player may be substituted: If the injured player is substituted, the opponents may substitute one player.
  3. No slide tackles for U8, U9 and U10.
  4. Heat Rule: In the event of extreme heat or humidity, the Head of Officials or Tournament Executive Director may invoke the “heat rule” which allows free substitutions (both teams are allowed to substitute at the same time) during the match with the exception of the last five (5) minutes of the match. During the last 5 minutes (and any overtime periods), normal substitution rules apply. In addition, one (1) minute water breaks may be called at the referee’s discretion at any time during the game.


Rule Modifications


Final Rules as distributed at the Tournament supersede all prior versions of the rules

All decisions of the Head of Officials, Tournament Executive Director, and/or the Tournament Executive Committee shall be final.