Travel soccer is competitive soccer played against like teams from other communities. Fairport Soccer Club (FSC) is a member of the New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA) which governs youth soccer in Western New York. We compete in the Rochester District Youth Soccer League (RDYSL) which is comprised of travel soccer clubs like FSC.

There are three basic levels of soccer: recreational, travel, and premier. Each of these differs in level of play, player, and parent commitment, amount of travel, and cost. Recreational soccer is the least competitive and requires less time and commitment than either travel or premier soccer.

Travel Soccer is designed for players who have an interest and the ability to benefit from additional soccer training and to compete at a higher level of play. Because it is competitive, the program requires more time, effort, and commitment from both the player and parents. This is a commitment matched by the coaches and Board of Directors of FSC. From this shared commitment, your child’s development as a soccer player should progress more rapidly than if they played only recreational soccer.

Travel soccer is a competitive league at the U11 and older age groups. Teams travel from across the Monroe County area to compete against each other. Although there are different levels of competitiveness (divisions) within the league, usually teams at the lowest level of travel soccer are still higher than the typical recreational soccer team. Recreational soccer ? travel soccer.