Tournament Volunteers

(Last Updated 4/29/2017)
The 2017 FSC Tournament is to be held June 23-25th, and will be here before you know it! As you know, each family in the club is responsible for helping out at the tournament, and we are counting on you to participate.

The sign up process will be completed through the FSC website, beginning on Wednesday May 10th and will end on Wednesday May 31st. Each family (parent or guardian) must visit the website during volunteer sign up time to identify the players in their family as well as sign up for their first, second and third choice of volunteer assignments. Please sign up even if you happen to be on vacation that week as we have volunteer positions that can be completed prior to and after the tournament. In order to ensure that the volunteer positions have been assigned equitably, we will be asking your team managers to assist us in tracking each family on their team.

We do our best to accommodate sign up requests based on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier you sign up, the more likely you will be to get the volunteer position you want.

Head coaches and their families are not required to volunteer at the tournament. Everyone else, including managers, assistant coaches & FSC board members will be assigned to work 2, two-hour shifts, with the exception of the tournament committee, as they will be volunteering for the entire weekend.

Important Information For Parents:

  • Volunteer sign-up time on the Fairport Soccer website begins Wednesday, May 10th and ends Wednesday, May 31st.
  • Volunteer sign-ups and assignments are made per family rather than per adult or child. Each family is asked to sign up once and will be given two 2-hour shifts. If you are a 2 household family, please be sure to only sign up once, to avoid being scheduled for 4 shifts instead of 2.
  • We will take your preferences into consideration when putting together the volunteer schedule. Families who do not sign up will still be assigned duties
  • Volunteer assignments are never scheduled during your childs /childrens games. Therefore, filling volunteer slots cannot start until the game schedule for the tournament is complete. Please be patient.
  • Volunteer jobs and shift times will be posted on the club website prior to the tournament start
  • Please review the job descriptions below to identify the volunteer areas.
  • Every attempt will be made to accommodate your preferences, but the tournament committee is responsible to ensure all volunteer positions are filled. As a result, you may be assigned to a position you didnt choose.
  • Volunteers need to be at least 21 years with a NYS driver’s license to drive a golf cart, 21 years for Security, 18 years for Grill Cook, and 16 years for all other jobs.
  • Please be sure to enter all of your information carefully. Specifically when choosing your player’s team. We WILL NOT be responsible for changing your volunteer assignment if you are scheduled during your child’s game due to a data entry error made during this sign-up process.

Volunteer Positions

Awards/Shootout: Are you energetic and want to have a great time with the U10 and younger players? This is the shootout event where kids can shoot on their coaches. This job will take place at Center Park.

BBQ Staffing: Enjoy delicious BBQ? Want to do one of the most fun jobs FSC has to offer?!?! You’re in luck because the BBQ is in need of volunteers! We are looking for volunteers to help with parking, ticket collection, BBQ distribution, and cleanup after the BBQ on Friday, June 23rd. Sign up today to help make this event a success!

Concessions: Keep the concession stand running smoothly by fulfilling orders and taking money for grilled items, pizza, snacks, drinks and candy.  Keep items stocked and replenish coolers with drinks and ice as needed.  Requires good customer service skills!  You may be located at the Martha Brown or Center Park concession stands.  Please watch for an e-mail after the volunteer schedule comes out to see if you are assigned to roving concessions.  We need several volunteers to start a shift at 4pm on Friday evening. If it is possible for you to work this time slot, please write it in the “comments” section of the sign-up page.

Field Marshal: The job of the Field Marshals is to make sure the fields are in good playing condition and that the teams and referees are present for an on-time start. During the games, they are the primary communications link to tournament headquarters for maintenance and emergencies, using their personal cell phone. After the games the marshal writes down the info on the score card but the referee keeps the score card, the official game cards need to be immediately returned for scoring. Field Marshals need to check in 30 min. prior to their scheduled volunteer time where they are given a binder with instructions and assigned game field(s). Field Marshals may be assigned to work at any of the tournament locations. We need more than 10 people per 2-hour shift.  This is a job that you can perform during your child’s game.

Grill Cooks: If you are the master of the grill, this is the job for you. You will be grilling hotdogs and hamburgers in the concessions area at Martha Brown. No formal cooking training is required. We need one volunteer to start a shift at 4pm on Friday evening. If it is possible for you to work this time slot, please write it in the “comments” section of the sign-up page.

Headquarters & Scoring: If you have worked a tournament before and are used to the organized chaos of keeping track of scoring, referees and games, we need your help in this area. This is located at Martha Brown and is in communication with those managing the referees and the field marshals to ensure the tournament play runs smoothly.

Operations Set Up, Thursday Evening: There will be a team of volunteers working on Thursday evening 5-9 pm to assemble and move goals – this is a 4 hour block, and can be a good alternative for those that are not available the rest of the weekend

Operation Set Up Friday, Daytime Hours: On Friday morning and afternoon, set up continues with the concession stand, field equipment, placing signs and banners, and preparing trash and recycling toters. These shifts begin at 8am and run until 6pm, so please be specific in the “comments” section with your availability as to which shifts you can work.

Operations Tear Down, Sunday: On Sunday afternoon and into early evening, tear down volunteers are helping to pack up the concession stand, pull in all field equipment and trash and recycling toters, policing the fields for trash, disassembling and moving goals, packing up all signs and banners, and generally making sure everything is back where it belongs.

Out of Town: ONLY to be used by those traveling the weekend of the tournament? Sign up here and we will contact you with possibilities for an assignment that can be completed before the tournament, during the season, or in the fall. PLEASE, ONLY request this option if you are unable to volunteer during the weekend because you are OUT OF TOWN. Provide details of your availability dates in the “Comments” section.

Parking & Guest Assistance: We need people to assist our guests by directing them to the proper field location, directing them to park safely, and to assist those that need it by providing transportation via golf cart. Volunteers for this job must be 21 and over and licensed to drive, you should expect to spend time directing traffic and driving a golf cart.

Raffle Ticket Sales: In this position you will be selling raffle tickets either at the raffle table or roving to sell tickets on the soccer field sidelines. An outgoing and persuasive personality is a plus for this job. This job is only done on Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. We need 1 or 2 volunteers to start a shift at 4pm on Friday evening. If it is possible for you to work this time slot, please write it in the “comments” section of the sign-up page.

Security: Having a few people on-site 24 hours a day provides a sense of security to the HQ area and eliminates the need to pack up the tournament site each night. This position requires a flashlight and gets the most requests from veterans who volunteer to do it again with the same “Security Team.” It is a fun job, it just has odd hours. Six, 2-hour shifts will be needed for both Friday and Saturday Nights, starting at 8 PM going through the night. The 8-10 p.m. shifts also police the grounds and pick up/empty trash containers. The 6– 8 a.m. shifts will assist with set up for the day. They will help set up fields, corner flags on fields, etc where needed.